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Preparing for an Online Class

Getting ready to take an online class with Successful Schools, Inc. requires some preparation. Here is some information to getting ready to take our online class:

1. Download and read through the syllabus.

2. Download the readings for each section and read each article. Highlighting and making notes on the articles may be helpful to you when you are ready to write your responses to the online questions.

3. Block out specific times each week when you will spend time reading and responding to student and instructor postings and to questions on the online discussion board.

4. Make sure you know the process to use for getting technical help. The process is described on the Course Information link under “Blackboard Overview”.

5. Contact your instructor with any questions!

Effective Online Learning Strategies

1. Become part of the online community. Support your online classmates by posting regularly. Post often and early, which gives other participants a chance to reflect and respond to your post. If another participant or your instructor responds directly to your post, please acknowledge their input with a response or brief thanks. In addition, using a classmate’s name when responding to his or her posts develops more personal connections.

2. Subject Lines. Using specific subject lines when posting or responding to a post and expressing interest in others’ posts are good strategies that help build our online community.

3. Share Resources. When possible, offer suggestions about articles, books, websites, etc., that may pertain to a specific problem or question. You may have information that is new to other participants, so feel free to share.

4. Participate Frequently. Having a presence online by posting frequently and responding thoughtfully is valuable for everyone.

Expectations for Online Interactions

Successful Schools, Inc.’s expectations for online interactions are as follows:

1. Be Respectful. Treat your colleagues and instructor the way you’d like to be treated. Respect their thoughts and words. Use appropriate language when responding to or commenting on others’ posts.

2. Be Responsive. When others comment on your posts or offer strategies you can use, let them know you’ve read their responses. Saying thanks is always a good idea.

3. Be Professional. Online postings provide a written record of your participation in class. Always be professional in your responses; however, a sense of humor and creativity is also welcome in our online classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How often do I need to post to the online discussion forum?
Post weekly to the discussion forum. Your instructor can access all of your dates and times of postings, and will use this data for grading purposes. Course requirements include responding to the discussion question and to two other participants’ posts, and posting the results of your activity.

Do I need to complete discussion questions on my own or with my team?
Online discussion questions MUST be completed individually, not with your team.

Can I complete my final project with my team? Can we turn in one project from the whole team?
If you are taking the course with a team, we strongly encourage you to work together on the final project. One person from the team can be designated to submit the project, but all team members are responsible for making sure it is submitted on time. Any project submitted by a team must include all team members’ names on the front page, so that credit can be given.

How do I submit my final project?
Send via email attachment to your instructor. It is the participant’s responsibility to send it in a format that can be easily downloaded.

How do I get my final grade and transcript?
Grades will be sent out by Successful Schools, Inc.’s main office; transcripts are sent directly to you by Seattle Pacific University.

What grades are given for the course? How do I obtain a passing grade?
Grades are Pass/No Pass. A passing grade can be obtained by following all requirements.

Who do I contact with questions?
First, contact your instructor with any questions.
If you are unable to reach your instructor you can contact Successful Schools, Inc. via phone at 303-442-6789 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.

Problem-Solving for the Online Student

Have a question, concern or problem? Please contact the appropriate resource as listed below. You are always welcome to start with an email to your instructor.

Instructor- Managed Issues:
• How to complete or submit work
• Questions about how to work on a project as a team
• Questions about your progress or performance
• Questions about the syllabus, materials or course content

Successful Schools, Inc. Office-Managed Issues
(Contact mlahman@successfulschools.org):
• Most technical support questions
• Questions about registration or enrollment
• Questions about credits or PDP’s
• Questions about schedules or transcripts


If you continue to experience login difficuly, please try the following “fix”:

1. Open the internet browser that you are using (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox…)
2. In the top menu, delete all COOKIES and browsing history
3. Try logging onto Blackboard (http://eep.blackboard.com/)

You may need to use this fix each time you attempt to login.


Please contact MeeMee Lahman at mlahman@successfulschools.org or 303-442-6789.