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  1. Quality Indicators For School-Wide Positive Behavioral Supports
    This tool identifies the critical features of an effective school-wide behavior plan. Included are “hotlinks” that you
    can click on to retrieve tools that will assist with the development, implementation, and maintenance of a school-wide
    behavior plan.The “Quality Indicators For School-Wide Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS)” was developed by New York Special Education Training and Research Centers (SETRC).
  2. Effective Behavior Support (EBS) Survey
    The survey examines the status and priorities for improving school-wide discipline systems and non-
    classroom management systems (e.g., cafeteria, hallway, playground),Survey results are  summarized and used for a variety of purposes including:
    A. Annual action planning
    B. Internal decision making
    C. Assessment of change over time
    D. Awareness building of staff
    E. Team validation
  3. Practical Handbook for Developing SW-PBIS Plans
    A proactive school-wide discipline plan is dynamic in that it is: a) clearly stated, b) brief, c) well defined in terms that are observable, teachable, and acknowledgeable, and d) explicitly taught and reviewed with staff & students.
    This handbook provides clear steps for schools to develop and maintain a proactive school-wide discipline plan.
  4. Quality Indicators for Small group intensive interventions for at-risk students
    Small group intensive interventions for at-risk students, (also referred to as targeted, Tier 2, or secondary interventions), are designed to build skills with a subset of students with similar behavioral needs who are not responding to the Universal (Tier 1) system. The interventions are part of a school-wide discipline program that emphasizes prevention and data-based decision-making to both reduce problem behavior and improve academic performance.This tool provides a framework for developing and implementing Tier 2 interventions for at-risk students.
  5. New York State Behavior Supports Quality Indicator Review and Resource Guide
    The Special Education Training and Resource Center (SETRC) network is one of VESID‘s primary resources for school improvement in New York State. This Quality Indicator Review and Resource Guide is one of a series that has been developed for use by the SETRC network to guide their work in assessment of programs and provision of professional development, support and technical assistance to districts and schools to improve results for students with disabilities.
  6. Preschool: Proactive Approach to Developing Social Competence, Self Regulation, Language & Early Literacy Skills

    The downloadable manual titled Environmental Arrangements, provides early childhood caregivers a powerful tool for assessing existing preschool classrooms in order to strengthen and develop their strategies for promoting social competence, self regulation, language & early literacy skills.

    Additional Resources: Come to Circletime Lesson Plan & Responding to Question Lesson Plan