defusinganger-lgStudent anger and aggression is a major problem facing schools today. To reclaim their schools as safe places for learning, teachers and staff need effective, non-confrontational strategies for managing student aggression.
This video package analyzes aggressive behavior and describes effective strategies for defusing it. Six vignettes demonstrate how problem behavior can be escalated or defused.

Vignettes cover the following key topics:

  • Managing off-task behavior
  • Responding to provocative behavior
  • Addressing disrespectful behavior
  • Identifying and reducing agitation
  • Establishing limits
  • Disengaging from dangerous situations

The Trainer’s DVD includes material is organized to facilitate discussion and allow focus on one of six specific defusing strategies.

Materials included are:

  • 1 Program on DVD
  • 1 Reproducible manual

Cost $115 per set of materials plus shipping & handling

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