D_Kee_LgDiane Kee is an educator with 38 years of experience in public and private schools. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in Education from the University of Akron and a Superintendents license from post graduate work at Ashland University. Her sixteen years as a mathematics teacher and athletic coach followed by 22 years as a high school, middle school and elementary principal have given Diane a wide range of experience in the total school program and community.
As a school administrator, Diane provided leadership in implementing effective communication strategies and techniques for students, parents, faculty and staff which helped foster an atmosphere of collaboration. She believes that a positive climate sets the stage for optimum student learning, parent involvement and professional development. Diane’s key accomplishments include: chairing school accreditation teams, directing district-wide curriculum committees, creating positive student recognition programs, consulting on new building construction, implementing pre-kindergarten and high achievement classes for students. She advocates a team approach to plan and implement strategies for student success and welcomes all who want to participate in the dialogue. Diane’s passion, commitment and enthusiasm for education are evident in the first few minutes you spend with her.