Behavior management techniques that work with typical students may not work with students exhibiting more severe behavior problems. In fact some common practices can make situations worse, especially with students whose problem behavior tends to be sudden and explosive. We provide educators with skills that will reduce the likelihood that problem behavior will occur and strategies for deescalating problems when they do arise. Specific areas covered include;

  1. Using a functional perspective to predict when and understand why challenging behaviors occur
  2. Linking behavioral and educational assessment procedures with curriculum design and program evaluation
  3. Identifying when challenging behaviors are a result of a skill deficit or a motivational problem
  4. Developing meaningful curriculum that addresses skills needed to be a positive participant in school, community, and family activities
  5. Modifying whole-class instruction to meet the needs of students with special needs
  6. LRE strategies as they relate to IEP development
  7. Parental involvement in LRE issues.